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Bike Counter

Aalborg Hadsundvej Cyclecounter
  • The bike counter is single sided and located at Hadsundvej

  • Counting started in 2011.

  • The bike counter has to create cyclist visibility and inspire others to jump on their bikes and leave their car at home.

  • Cyclist action plan Aalborg :

  • The number of cyclists in Aalborg Municipality has to increase by 10% before 2020, compared to 2007.
  • The number of citizens who cycle at least once or more per week has to be increased from 55% to 70%.
  • Less kids have to be driven to school.

  • Focus areas:
  • Accessibility (increased speed, fewer stops and detours)
  • Road (do not compromise on safety)
  • Visibility (familiarity and branding, high priority)
  • ITS
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