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Bike Speed Indicator

  • Number of bikes
  • Speed
  • Temperature/time
  • Direction
  • Journey time
  • "Green Wave"


Bike Speed Indicator

  • A Bike Speed Indicator can show much more than the number of cyclists per day and per year. It can display other information such as date and time and temperature. It can be used as a visible motivation factor (the cyclists help reduce CO2 and improve their health by bicycling instead of driving their cars).

  • You can calculate the journey time to a particular destination from the cyclist's speed.

  • Or indicate recommended cycling speed to reach the intersection whilst the traffic light is green ("green wave").

  • It can be used for traffic planning purposes (the counts are used to plan better conditions for cyclists).

  • Or you can see if the weather affects the number of cyclists. The possibilities are many!

  • Contact us for more information. Call +45 4675 7227.
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