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  • Fiberoptical loops
  • Tubes
  • Loops
SensorLine spoler  
  • Fiberoptical loops are designed for permanent road installation. When a vehicle passes the sensors, an opto-electronic interface registers the pressure changes and converts them into signals for traffic data processing.

  • Easy installation.
  • Great accuracy.

  • Mixed Traffic
  • Detect bicycle with carbon


  • Counting on tubes is easy and quick to set up.

  • The instruments registers speed and classificiations on site.

  • Permanent counting stations are installed at sites where semi-permanent equipment can not be used or if you want to gather data throughout the year or parts of it.

  • The sensors for the permanent stations are loops, which are milled into the road, and are mounted in a cabinet at the side of the road. The cabinet can be connected to 220 V and have a telephone connection, so the equipment can stay on site all the time.