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Daily movement is important for prevention and treatment of lifestyle diseases and for our mental wellbeing. Movement provides comfort and energy. A bike ride to and from work could be the daily excercise for many.

With Denmark as one of the leading cycling nations in the world, ITS Teknik A/S offers solutions that promote cyclists' perception of traffic flows. We also give traffic planners some tools that can help visualize how many people ride their bikes in Denmark. This is both beneficial for the cyclist, their health as well as the environment.

For example, the configuration of a bike counter serves two clear purposes - firstly, to count the cyclists passing by the bike counter - and secondly, to send a signal that the cyclists and their efforts in keeping the air clean, look after their health and improve public health matters count.

On this web site you can read more information regarding the solutions ITS Teknik A/S offer for cycling, and you can keep track of how many cyclists are passing by the various bike counter sites.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone: +45 4675 7227 or by e-mail

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